Address: 1 Lenina Square, Kalinkovichi,
247710, Republic of Belarus


Phone/fax: 8 (02345) 3-17-12


The region’s retail network embraces 243 shops of the total area of 21,1 thousand square meters. Public catering covers 93 companies for 5,100 places. The amount of employees involved in trade and at public catering companies makes 1,453 people.

Trade turnover for the first half of 2005 made Br42,8 billion /the 124.5 per cent growth against 2004/. Retail trade in foodstuffs made 69.7 per cent, in non-foods – 30.3 per cent.

For the first half of 2005 the amount of paid services reached Br12450,1 million /123 per cent against 2004/. Consumer services for the first six months of 2005 made Br2200,9 million what is 29.2 per cent more than in 2004. Net profit for the first half-year reached Br 6,4 billion. Foreign trade turnover made USD 14,8 million, or 121.5 per cent against 2004.