Address: 1 Lenina Square, Kalinkovichi,
247710, Republic of Belarus


Phone/fax: 8 (02345) 3-17-12

Phisical culture and sports

The region’s sports and recuperation system includes 39 gyms, a swimming pool, a mini-pool, two children-youth physical training clubs. Most popular sports in the region are Graeco-Roman wrestling, track and field athletics, canoe and kayak rowing, football, basketball, swimming, chess, cycle racing. Some 11 settlements opened sports-cultural centers to popularize healthy way of life and involve people in various sports.

Every year the region plays host to tourist meetings of working youth, sports meetings between companies, organizations and establishments.

Two sports schools number 88 groups where 33 coaches train 1,078 students.

P. I. Petrushenko is a bronze winner of Summer Olympics in Athens /canoe and kayak rowing/.