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30 December 2011

Belarusian Railways preparing for new phase of railway electrification project

MINSK, 30 December (BelTA) – The Belarusian Railways is preparing for a new phase of the project to electrify railway line, BelTA learnt from the press service of the Belarusian Railways. “The Belarusian Railways continues to implement a large-scale investment project to electrify the routes Gomel-Zhlobin-Osipovichi and Zhlobin-Kalinkovichy, which is part of the state program for the development of rail transport for 2011-2015. Currently design and survey works are underway on the routes Gomel-Zhlobin (86km) and the Zhlobin-Kalinkovichy (101km). The first phase of the project launched in July of this year is aimed at electrifying Zhlobin-Osipovichy (107km). The first phase is still in progress. The project to electrify the routes Gomel-Zhlobin-Osipovichy and Zhlobin-Kalinkovichy is financed through the loan from Export Import Bank of China and own funds of the Belarusian Railway. Electrification of these sections will help reduce the cost of transport by 26% and consumption of fuel and energy resources by 15%. The environmental situation in the adjacent territories will improve substantially. In addition, the technical and journey speed of trains will increase by 24% while the productivity of freight locomotives will be up by 54%.