Address: 1 Lenina Square, Kalinkovichi,
247710, Republic of Belarus


Phone/fax: 8 (02345) 3-17-12


Kalinkovichi region is situated in the southeast of Gomel oblast. It borders on Mozyr, Petrikov, Oktiabr, Svetlogorsk, Rechitsa, Khoiniki regions. Archeological excavations in the village of Yurovichi and near-by territory showed that this village was a site of the most ancient settlement in Belarus. Here, some 24 thousand years ago the River Pripiat saw a settlement of primitive people.

Kalinkovichi was first mentioned in 1560. The Kalinkovichi region was founded on July 17, 1924, and on July 3, 1925 it gained the status of the town.

The total area of the region is 274,370 hectares. There are 130 settlements including Kalinkovichi and Ozarichi, 22 rural and 1 settlement councils. The region totals 45.4 per cent of the settlements with the population less than 100 people and 54.6 per cent with the population of more than 100 people. The regional relief is a plain at a height of 120-135 above sea level. The mineral resources are oil, peat, sands. The River Pripiat with its inflows Tremlia, Ipa, Nenach, Zakavanka, Vit flows through the region. Forests account for 48 per cent of the territory.

Today the Kalinkovichi region comprises the town of Kalinkovichi and 22 rural councils.