Address: 1 Lenina Square, Kalinkovichi,
247710, Republic of Belarus


Phone/fax: 8 (02345) 3-17-12


The education system covers 30 secondary, 12 basic, 5 preliminary schools, 28 preschool establishments, 6 non-school establishments and an educational industrial complex. The secondary special education sphere includes Kalinkovichi State Vocational School #184 on Melioration Construction, Polesie State Agrarian College n.a. V. F. Mitskevich.

The education personnel comprises 1,877 people, of them 91 per cent have university diplomas.

The amount of students reaches 9,360 people.

There were 31 medal winners among 618 graduates from secondary schools in 2005. Some 181 graduates /29 per cent/ entered higher educational establishments, 128 graduates /21 per cent/ became students of specialized colleges and some 208 /34 per cent/ - of vocational schools.

The region provides 29 educational establishments fitted with computer equipment what is 72 per cent of the total amount.