Address: 1 Lenina Square, Kalinkovichi,
247710, Republic of Belarus


Phone/fax: 8 (02345) 3-17-12


The region’s cultural network features 51 clubs, 44 libraries, 1 music school, 3 schools of art /including 904 students/, the museum of local lore and 264 amateur art groups. The total amount of people involved in the culture sphere is 455, of them 270 are specialists.

The region plays host to different cultural events such as the republican humor festival Avtiuki, annual holiday Dozhinki, regional meeting of leaders in production, ecological forum, humor festival KVN, regional arts and crafts contest Polesie melodies, regional contest of accordionists and chastooshka singers.

In 2004 the region erected monuments to partisans and soldiers-internationalists; the Alley of Heroes was completed with the names of Kalinkovichi natives.

The region shot several documentaries Kalinkovichi Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow… and The Road to Nowhere /raising the problems on drug addiction and Aids/.